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Do you need an entertainment lawyer? At Rodgers Selvera PLLC, we champion artists and industry professionals, ensuring your creative vision thrives legally and artistically.

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We provide tailored legal solutions for the heart of entertainment.


Branding with distinction, protection, and authority.

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Real Estate

Defending your unique creations.

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Defending your unique creations.

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Protecting influencer brand equity.

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Intellectual Property

Safeguarding your creative innovations.

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Structuring for impact and compliance.

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Need a will and trust attorney to ensure your legacy with a will that reflects your wishes and protects your family’s future?

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Business Formation

Laying foundations for entertainment ventures.

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Secure your future with a trust designed to safeguard your assets and ensure your loved ones’ well-being.

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Estate Planning

Gain peace of mind knowing your estate plan is set to protect your legacy and loved ones.

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Harmonizing legalities in music.

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Navigating TV and film’s legal maze.

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An Entertainment Lawyer as Your Creative Ally

We get it. As artists, creatives, and companies, you need more than just legal support; you need a partner who truly understands the rhythm of the entertainment world. With Rodgers Selvera PLLC, you get a team that knows what creative passions are all about. We’re not just about contracts and clauses. We foster a space where your artistry is valued, protected, and flourished. Let’s co-create your success story.

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Experience & Expertise

With 10,000+ hours logged in entertainment law, we skillfully manage everything from event production, sponsorships, music licensing and beyond, ensuring respect and trust at all levels.



Client-Centric Focus

Every artist has a unique story — and we’re passionate about learning those stories so we can provide the personalized attention to craft tailored solutions for every individual narrative.

Cross-Industry Insight

From the speed of tech to the heartbeat of healthcare and the melody of entertainment, we’re tuned to the industries and how they interact with each other so we’re able to replace complexity with clarity.



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. As an artist or creative, should I use an entertainment law firm?

Navigating the entertainment industry, be it music, film, television, or any other medium, can be challenging. An entertainment law firm, like Rodgers Selvera PLLC, ensures that artists and creatives have the legal backing they need, from drafting contracts to ensuring intellectual property rights are protected. Whether you’re a musician looking to negotiate a record deal, a screenwriter aiming to protect your original screenplay, or a performer ensuring compliance with SAG-AFTRA regulations, our team brings expertise to your unique needs, safeguarding your interests and career aspirations.

2. What can an entertainment law firm do for production companies?

Production companies and other corporate entities in the entertainment sphere have intricate legal landscapes to navigate. From handling motion picture rights and managing SAG-AFTRA relations to overseeing music and media law intricacies, a reputable entertainment law firm, like Rodgers Selvera LLP, brings a holistic approach. Our team can negotiate on your behalf, ensure copyright registration is in place, handle any litigation or disputes, and even delve into related areas like advertising and merchandising. In essence, we become your legal backbone, allowing you to focus on creating and delivering compelling content.

3. Do entertainment-related legal needs intersect with other laws?

The entertainment industry, while unique, often intersects with broader legal areas like business law, employment law, and even probates. At Rodgers Selvera PLLC, our team is not just well-versed in entertainment law but also has expertise in these overlapping sectors. Whether it’s structuring a production company, ensuring compliance with employment regulations, or managing the legalities of an entertainer’s estate, our multidisciplinary approach ensures that all your legal needs, no matter how complex, are addressed under one roof.

4. Can an entertainment attorney assist a musician or songwriter with contracts?

Yes, although, musicians and songwriters have a myriad of legal considerations beyond just contracts. An entertainment attorney specializing in the music industry can guide on copyright registration, litigate in case of infringement, advise on merchandising rights, and even navigate the complexities of music licensing. Rodgers Selvera PLLC brings a comprehensive suite of legal services for the music realm. From ensuring you retain your rights as a songwriter to guiding on collaborations and managing disputes, our team ensures your artistic creations are legally safeguarded.

5. I’m looking to break into big markets, can your firm help me navigate?

Absolutely. Major entertainment hubs like Los Angeles and New York are fiercely competitive. Whether you’re aiming for the spotlight in LA/NY or seeking guidance as an artist in Dallas, Houston, or Austin, Texas, having a dedicated entertainment lawyer is essential. Rodgers Selvera PLLC isn’t just another entertainment law firm. As an experienced entertainment lawyer in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas, we specialize in understanding these intricate markets. We assist in contract drafting/negotiation, protection against defamation, intellectual property rights counsel, and transactional legal advice. With us, you’re not just prepared — you’re ahead.

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