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Secure your brand’s identity. At Rodgers Selvera PLLC, we specialize in trademark law, ensuring your mark stands strong.

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How We Can Help With Trademark Law

Whether you are just starting or have an established business, we can assist you with every step of the trademark process to protect your brand, investment, and assets. Our trademark attorneys have filed hundreds of trademarks for clients in a wide variety of industries throughout Houston, Dallas, and beyond. From start-ups to international corporations, we handle all areas of trademark law.

Trademark Law Practice Areas

  • Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Opposition Proceedings
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • International Trademark Protection
  • TTAB Matters
  • Trademark Search & Clearance
  • Cease & Desist Actions
  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Counterfeit Branding Defense
  • Trademark Valuation
  • Infringement Litigation

Understanding Trademark Law

Trademark law serves as a component of intellectual property, dedicated to protecting logos, names, and slogans. Essentially, a trademark distinguishes one business’s offerings from another’s, ensuring consumers can identify a brand. The process begins with a trademark search to verify a proposed mark is unique, followed by filing a trademark application with the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office).

Once registered, the trademark offers exclusive rights at a federal level, allowing the owner to enforce these rights against potential infringers who might dilute the brand’s identity or cause confusion. The registration process may involve navigating office actions or appearing before the TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) in disputes.

Given the complexities and importance of establishing and protecting a brand’s identity, especially in dynamic markets like Houston, Texas, business owners – from small startups to large corporations – must seek guidance from a seasoned Houston trademark attorney so that the entire process is handled with expertise and precision.

Why Should You Work With Rodgers Selvera?

Your brand’s identity is its heartbeat. At Rodgers Selvera PLLC, we recognize that behind every logo, name, or tagline is a story, an emotion, a legacy. Safeguarding that unique identity is a high priority and, we’re here to guide you through the trademark labyrinth so that your brand’s essence remains distinct and protected.

Your brand deserves more than fleeting attention — it deserves a legal team to champion and actively push for success. Let’s explore the world of trademark law together, ensuring every step you take is rooted in assurance and expertise. Let our Houston-based team be the beacon in your brand’s journey. Reach out today.


Trademark Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it essential to consult with a trademark attorney?

Navigating the trademark registration process, especially at the federal level, requires specialized knowledge. A Houston trademark attorney is well-versed in the nuances of trademark law, ensuring that business owners, start-ups, and even established firms get their trademarks filed correctly. They provide valuable insight into the distinctiveness of a logo or brand name, guiding clients through a thorough trademark search to avoid potential infringement. With the local expertise of a Houston trademark lawyer, clients can avoid costly mistakes and ensure a smooth registration process with the USPTO.

2. What steps can be taken if someone infringes on my trademark?

Trademark infringement can severely harm a business’s brand and reputation. Rodgers Selvera PLLC is a top-ranking Houston law firm that offers comprehensive trademark services to address such issues. Upon identifying an infringer, our attorneys can issue a cease and desist letter, demanding the unauthorized use be halted. If the infringer persists, we are prepared to litigate on your behalf. Our team’s expertise also covers trademark trial matters, ensuring robust protection of your trademark rights at both the TTAB and, if necessary, in court.

3. How is trademark registration different from protecting other intellectual property?

While all fall under intellectual property, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets serve different purposes and have distinct registration and protection processes. A trademark protects logos, brand names, and symbols representing goods or services. The registration process involves demonstrating distinctiveness and ensuring no existing trademarks could be confused with the new filing. On the other hand, patents protect inventions and innovations, while trade secrets guard proprietary business information. At Rodgers Selvera PLLC, we guide clients through all aspects of intellectual property law so they can choose the right protection for their creative works.

4. What should I do if I receive an office action from the USPTO?

An office action from the USPTO indicates issues or concerns with your trademark application. Addressing these concerns is required before progressing with your trademark registration. A Houston trademark lawyer from Rodgers Selvera PLLC can provide expert guidance in such situations. They’ll review the office action, pinpoint the specific issues raised, and draft a comprehensive response to address the USPTO’s concerns. With their expert understanding of trademark matters, they ensure the response not only adheres to the USPTO’s guidelines but also maximizes the chances of your application’s approval.

5. Why should small businesses and start-ups consider trademark protection early?

For small businesses and start-ups, a trademark is more than just a logo or brand name; it’s an invaluable asset representing their identity in the market. Seeking trademark protection early on ensures that they establish a unique brand without infringing on existing trademarks. This proactive approach prevents potential legal issues down the line and establishes a strong foundation for building brand recognition. Rodgers Selvera PLLC offers cost-effective legal services, guiding Texas-based start-ups through the trademark registration process, ensuring they have the protection needed to grow and thrive.


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