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How We Can Help With Copyright Law

Rodgers Selvera PLLC is at the forefront of copyright law, ensuring the creative efforts of artists, writers, developers, and other creators are protected and respected. From individual works to extensive portfolios, our seasoned team provides precise, effective strategies to safeguard your intellectual property. We know all the intricacies of copyright law and will work to protect your creations.

Copyright Law Practice Areas

  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Protection and Enforcement
  • Creative Commons & Fair Use
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notices
  • Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Authorship Agreements and Split Sheets
  • Copyright Assignments
  • Enforcement & Cease and Desist Letters
  • Online Content Disputes
  • Portfolio Management
  • Pre-Publication Review
  • CCB (Copyright Claims Board) Matters
  • Federal Court Litigation
  • NFTs and Blockchain
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Understanding Copyright Law

Copyright law is a pivotal branch of intellectual property that safeguards original works of authorship, encompassing everything from literary texts and music to software and architectural designs. At its essence, copyright grants creators exclusive rights to their works, allowing them control over reproduction, distribution, and public performance, among other rights.

A crucial distinction to understand is that while copyright protects the expression of an idea, it does not protect the idea itself — that is the purview of patent law. In the digital age, challenges such as unauthorized peer-to-peer sharing, e-commerce platforms, and the advent of blockchain technologies have added layers of complexity.

Should infringement occur, which is the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, copyright lawyers litigate to seek remedies, potentially securing statutory damages or injunctions. Furthermore, processes such as copyright registration with the copyright office, understanding the DMCA, and navigating the nuances between copyright and other intellectual property areas like trademarks are part of the picture.

Why Should You Work With Rodgers Selvera?

Your creative masterpieces deserve unwavering protection. At Rodgers Selvera, PLLC, we understand the passion artists pour into their work. Beyond legal jargon, we offer genuine respect and advocacy for your art. Whether it’s copyright registration, infringement disputes, or advising on licensing, we’re here to be your safeguard in the ever-evolving realm of copyright law.

Artistry and law intertwine beautifully when backed by dedicated allies. Get answers to your questions about your copyright concerns with us. While we may be rooted in Houston, our advocacy for the creative spirit knows no bounds. Reach out to schedule a consultation and let’s ensure your work remains yours, untouched and celebrated.


Copyright Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I consult a copyright lawyer before publishing or distributing original works?

Before distributing or publishing original works, it’s wise to make sure they are protected under copyright law. A copyright lawyer can guide creators through the copyright registration process with the copyright office, ensuring their works are safeguarded against unauthorized use. Furthermore, having copyright protection enables creators to enforce their exclusive rights, granting them the legal standing to pursue copyright infringement lawsuits if their works are infringed upon.

2. Can I protect my e-commerce or blockchain business from copyright infringement?

As e-commerce and blockchain technologies evolve, so do the complexities of copyright law in these domains. A copyright attorney, well-versed in these areas, can advise on implementing practices to avoid infringing on others’ copyrights and ensure your content, from product descriptions to software code, is protected. Proactive measures, such as regular audits and understanding the nuances of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliance, can significantly reduce the risk of potential copyright litigation.

3. What should I do if someone uses my copyrighted work without permission?

If you suspect unauthorized use of your copyrighted content, it’s of the utmost importance to act fast. Begin by consulting copyright infringement lawyers, like those at top-ranking law firms, who can assess the situation and advise on the best course of action. Often, the initial step is to issue  a cease and desist notice. If the infringement continues, copyright lawyers can litigate on your behalf, seeking remedies ranging from injunctions to statutory damages, ensuring that your exclusive rights are enforced in federal courts.

4. How does copyright law differ from other areas of intellectual property?

While all part of intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, and patents protect different assets. Copyright protects original works of authorship, such as literature, music, and art. Trademarks protect symbols, names, and slogans used to identify products or services. In contrast, patents protect inventions. While there’s overlap, especially in areas like software that may be both copyrighted and patented, each requires specific registration processes with offices like the USPTO for patents and trademarks or the Library of Congress for copyrights. An intellectual property litigator can provide counsel on the nuances of each, ensuring the right protection mechanism is chosen for your assets.

5. Can Rodgers Selvera PLLC assist in a copyright infringement lawsuit?

Being on the receiving end of a copyright infringement lawsuit can be daunting. Rodgers Selvera PLLC offers robust defense strategies tailored to each dispute. Whether it’s challenging the validity of the original copyright, arguing for fair use, or navigating complex areas like peer-to-peer sharing, our team brings expertise to ensure your interests are robustly represented. With a thorough understanding of copyright law and a track record in intellectual property litigation, we aim to achieve cost-effective and favorable outcomes for our clients.


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