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How We Can Help With Creator & Influencer Law

Creators and social media influencers shape the digital landscape every day, and Rodgers Selvera PLLC is committed to ensuring these innovators are legally protected and empowered. Our expertise spans the unique challenges and opportunities presented so that your influential voice and creative endeavors are shielded and your brand resonates with both authenticity and legal solidity.

Creator & Influencer Practice Areas

  • Brand Collaboration Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Endorsement Agreements
  • Content Monetization
  • Platform Compliance
  • Privacy & Data Issues
  • Copyright Claim Defense
  • FTC Disclosure Guidance
  • Merchandising Agreements
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Digital Image Rights
  • Licensing Negotiations
  • Non-Compete Clauses
  • Brand Exclusivity Contracts
  • Affiliate Marketing Rules

Understanding the Law As It Applies to Social Media Influencers

In recent years, few things have surged to prominence as fast as the role of social media influencers. As these content creators navigate platforms from Instagram to TikTok, they are met with a myriad of legal complexities that extend beyond just their media presence. Understanding agreements and ensuring compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on endorsements all come into play.

Furthermore, as influencers often serve as entrepreneurs or co-founders of e-commerce ventures, they may face challenges related to intellectual property, trademark protections, and even potential defamation concerns. Non-disclosure and non-compete clauses, crucial in influencer agreements, require meticulous drafting to safeguard the influencer’s interests.

With the global reach of platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, international guidelines and potential legal issues become a reality. Hence, whether you’re a micro-influencer just starting out or a seasoned creator with millions of followers, seeking counsel from a specialized social media influencer attorney ensures that you navigate this dynamic domain with informed confidence and legal protection.

Why Should You Work With Rodgers Selvera?

In the booming era of influencers and content creators, protecting your brand and rights comes first. At Rodgers Selvera PLLC, we’re attuned to the unique challenges you face. We grasp the crossroads of creativity and commerciality, ensuring your work shines while safeguarding against common pitfalls. Your digital artistry deserves informed legal advocacy that respects your craft and vision.

Being an influencer or creator is about more than likes and follows — it’s about safeguarding your legacy and future growth. From influencer agreements to intellectual property nuances, let’s collaborate to fortify your digital empire. Connect with us in Houston for a tailored consultation, and let’s chart a course that elevates your influence.


Influencer Law Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why hire a social media lawyer over a general attorney?

Being an influencer involves more than just maintaining a media presence and engaging followers on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. A Social Media Influencer Lawyer is well-versed in the specific legal issues content creators face, from navigating FTC guidelines on endorsements to understanding intellectual property rights in the content they produce. Hiring a specialized attorney ensures influencers receive targeted legal advice, ensuring compliance with guidelines set by entities like the Federal Trade Commission and safeguarding their brand and assets.

2. Do you assist in drafting influencer agreements and e-commerce ventures?

Rodgers Selvera PLLC specializes in providing legal services tailored to the unique needs of social media influencers. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, co-founder of a new platform, or a creator looking to expand into e-commerce, our attorneys are adept at drafting comprehensive influencer agreements, ensuring clarity in collaborations with marketers and brands. Additionally, our expertise covers non-disclosure, non-compete clauses, and other legal aspects of e-commerce, ensuring influencers can confidently navigate the digital marketplace.

3. How can I protect intellectual property on various social media platforms?

Every post, video, or piece of content that influencers create is a piece of intellectual property. A Social Media Lawyer can provide invaluable counsel, ensuring that this content is protected from unauthorized use or replication across platforms. Whether you’re dealing with trademark issues, potential defamation claims, or simply want to secure your unique content, Rodgers Selvera PLLC can guide influencers through the maze of intellectual property law, ensuring they retain control and rights to their creations.

4. What legal considerations apply when endorsing products or services?

Endorsements are a cornerstone for many influencers, but they come with a set of legal guidelines. The Federal Trade Commission has specific rules on how products or services should be endorsed, ensuring transparency and honesty in advertising. A social media influencer attorney can provide influencers with legal advice on how to endorse while adhering to these guidelines, avoiding potential legal pitfalls. Additionally, it’s vital to negotiate and understand the terms of any endorsement deal, ensuring influencers’ interests are protected and they aren’t unknowingly tied to non-compete clauses or other restrictive terms.

5. Can you help micro-influencers safeguard their interests?

Micro-influencers, while having a smaller follower base, have a niche and engaged audience, making them attractive to many brands. Rodgers Selvera PLLC recognizes the unique position of micro-influencers and offers tailored legal services, from Influencer Marketing Agreements to advice on navigating collaborations. Our social media influencer lawyer team can guide micro-influencers through the process of collaborating with brands, ensuring that their content, rights, and brand identity remain protected, allowing them to focus on growing their follower base and media presence.


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